The Language Of God Intro

To speak God’s language, we will begin by understanding the relationships God has used throughout the scriptures to communicate with us. In this series, I will explain those relationships and how they will give you insight into God’s culture and way of thinking. As you understand your place in each relationship you will begin to grasp God’s language and how to communicate with God in His language, not in your language.

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  1. That sounds interesting , I need this I have a mother who is Catholic but hasn’t baptized her 3 girls , hasn’t gone to church . One day she asked me for some help , one of her daughters’s asked her “why was Jesus Curicified?” I went to her place explained the best I could but hoping do I keep this dialogue going. I gave the girls a book called “the Pilgrim’s Journey” gave them photocopies the Jesse tree, but I ‘haven’t gone back , these girls are twins ,10yrs old the older one is 12. She completely refused , I had 4 story books but she wouldn’t even consider any of this. I suggested to the mother , that she should start beginning to bring them to Mass every Sunday and attend the lessons that are given to the little ones at church , but regrettably they aren’t.

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