King / Servant Relationship

King/Servant Relationship Part 1

In this series The Language of God. I will share with you how God uses four Human relationships to reach us and to communicate with us.

King / Servant Part 1.2

I will bring to light the King / Servant relationship and how God uses this relationship to communicate with us.

King / Servant Part 2

In this podcast, we will look at the good the bad, and the ugly. Let’s look at where the word servant came from and why we are not using the word that God uses in His scriptures.

King / Servant Part 3

In this podcast, we will see where the King/Servant began. How this relationship was created to recuse us.

King / Servant Part 4

The Garden of Eden and The King/Servant relationship was it a curse that would save the whole human race. Remember God used another curse to save mankind. That it was whosoever dies on a tree is cursed. Jesus died on the Cross/Tree for us. He became a curse that we could be saved.

King /Servant Part 5

Let’s bring it all together and see How God used this relationship to save us from the enemy. I will share the disadvantages and the Advantages of this relationship. A summary.